Friday, February 17, 2017

If you voted for Mrs. Clinton--WHY?

The issues important to voters between New York and LA in 2016 where Trump won were,
1) terrorism,
2) economy,
3) education,
4) jobs,
5) health care costs.

I have no idea what mattered to those voters on the left coast, but it appears,
1) Hillary is biologically a woman, although that matters in nothing else to the left,
2) abortion on demand especially for the poor and minorities,
3) raising minimum wage (4% of hourly employees) to keep the poor at the bottom longer,
4) illegal immigration to change the racial mix of the U.S.,
5) higher taxes and more regulations to strangle American small businesses so the big guys can hold them back and reduce competition.

If you voted for Mrs. Clinton, and I missed your reason(s), let me know. For a lot of people it was her name wasn't Trump. According to the polls additional concerns showed Republicans cared more about poverty and race relations than Democrats.

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