Saturday, February 11, 2017

Local channels promote fake news

Let your local news channels hear from you when they repeat the fake news script "Muslim ban" or "immigration ban." It's 7 countries out of 50 (and that number should raise some questions--most used to be Christian countries). It dates to 2015 when President Obama recognized the danger of trying to vet people from governments with terrorist ties (and he would have NEVER used the word Muslim). I've written to Channel 10, WBNS. They not only misuse this term, they misuse their audience with anti-administration stories.

The big boys that bring in super smart and well educated workers on legal visas are getting nervous. They must make us think the worst. Google. Amazon. AMA. Academe. They are bringing in foreign workers in every imaginable category--while American graduates struggle to pay off their college loans working as secretaries and copy editors. I'd be shocked if Google is bringing in any Somalis or Yemenis except to work in the kitchen to feed their millennial staffers organic, vegan salads. I think large universities like Ohio State would close tomorrow if their supply of foreign students all getting a full ride from their governments back home, would have their visas questioned.  This is BIG money.

These companies don't import steel or light bulbs or bicycles to compete with American factories, they import workers to compete with American workers. So what happens when a labor field is flooded? Wages stay flat--STEM workers' wages haven't progressed much since 2000, according to Fortune Magazine. But it probably looks pretty good to someone from India. So how is an American college grad to pay off that $30,000 debt if Silicon Valley is filled with workers from Asia and India here on H1-B visas? The college slots are also filled with foreign workers. I don't think these guys at Google and FB worry about Muslim terrorists, but they probably stay awake at night thinking about a level playing field for American IT workers. So let's call it an "immigration ban."

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