Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Only jobs reduce poverty

The percentage of children in middle childhood (6 through 11) living in low-income families (both poor and near poor) increased from 42% in 2009 to 44% in 2015. The Obama years. Even one parent employed or having married parents reduces childhood poverty.

Let's get on to the jobs, Mr. President. It's for the children. 

National Center for Children in Poverty chart

Why is this important to know? Because after one month, President Trump and Congressional Republicans are being blamed for the failures of the last 8 years. More breakfast and lunch programs do not solve this problem. Regulations that tied up small businesses (our job creators) and insurance that prevented businesses from hiring created the slowest recovery since the Depression of the 1930s, which was also slowed down by ineffective government rules and regulations. The percentage of the population in poverty hasn't changed since the "War on Poverty" began over 50 years ago. One reason is the government continues to raise the bar because middle class bureaucrats and state poverty employees who earn very good salaries would lose their jobs if poverty were actually reduced or eliminated.

Although the "about us" at the NCCP website reports it is a nonpartisan, public interest research organization, its affiliation is with Columbia. Left of center like all university policy centers. The reports for 2015 children are divided by age beginning with infants and toddlers, but the overall poverty rate reported is 45%. I personally think this is exaggerated because NCCP would have no reason to get grants or publish or influence policy if they actually succeeded in making a difference. Also, most of these policy centers do not report the transferred (from us--there are 123 programs) income like SNAP, section 8, TANF, EITC, school meal programs, home repair and heating, scholarships, Medicaid, etc. which for non-employed or low-income parents can add anywhere from $20,000-$60,000 value to their non-incomes. If these make no difference in the lives of poor children, why does Congress continue to raise it or lose their elections? 

Be prepared for "mean old Republican" memes floating around the internet and pumped up on Washington Post or NYT. Be prepared for liberal churches to open the NT to Matthew 25 and club you with it.

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