Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Adoption for the lucky few

Are you considering adoption? Zondervan (Christian book publisher) has a new book about a delightful family with three children under age 5 (lively group) as told by Heather Avis, the mom, about how she and husband Josh went from grief over infertility to joy in adopting two medically fragile babies with Down syndrome and one with a mixed racial heritage. It's very well written and an easy read--but the problems and snags like heart surgeries and meeting with birth families are folded in. 
Avis, Heather. "The lucky few; finding God's best in the most unlikely places." Zondervan, 2017. ISBN 9780310345466 
I don't do Instagram, but I think that's how this book was birthed as the author shared her joys and sorrows with others in similar situations. Whether yours is a step parent, international, special needs, or plain vanilla adoption, I think you'll enjoy this book. Also a good book for grandma and aunties.

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