Monday, February 06, 2017

Moles, leakers and Clintonistas in the federal government

As I've puzzled over the anti-Trump reaction to an Obama order now going to the courts, I came across a number of stories of federal workers in various agencies like EPA and DoE organizing to fight Trump through encryption of files, special groups to stay in touch, archiving of files outside the agency, etc. If this is also taking place in Homeland Security (which is charged with carrying out the 2015 order restricting travel to and from 7 nations) I think a pause to clean house, not of immigrants but of federal workers, may be a good idea. Then there is the leaking (inaccurate) of Trump’s phone conversations with Australia’s leader and Mexico’s leader. Both those presidents have denied the account published by A.P. The new term is "fake news." So something is afoot. More collusion between the media (our third party) and the bureaucracy (the Democratic party)? Also, just this past week-end it was revealed that three brothers (don’t know if they were Muslims) working for Democratic Congress members as IT specialists were all fired. That is not related to immigration travel, but it could mean there are moles within both parties and within the federal bureaucracy.

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