Tuesday, February 28, 2017

President Carter and the White House Correspondents Dinner

Of course, it's not a popular view among Republicans, but Carter was my favorite President. Can't understand why people malign him so. He declined to attend two of the four WHCD. And good for him. Abuse is abuse whether from the left or right. 
"Jody's beg­ging me to speak to the White House Cor­res­pond­ents' ban­quet. My pref­er­ence is not to do so," wrote Carter on April 25, 1978. "They are com­pletely ir­re­spons­ible and un­ne­ces­sar­ily ab­us­ive. I see no reas­on for us to ac­com­mod­ate them every time they want me to provide en­ter­tain­ment for a half hour."

Four days later, Carter again wrote about the din­ner, not­ing that there had been news­pa­per cri­ti­cism of his de­cision. He was un­deterred. "I was de­term­ined not to go. They al­most ex­ert black­mail on me to at­tend, but I am not go­ing to do it in the fu­ture. I don't see how the White House press could be any more neg­at­ive un­der any cir­cum­stances and I'd rather show a sign of strength."
I think it's a good idea not to go where people don't like you and tell lies. Don't go on a date with someone who ridicules you and intends to dump you.


Darrell Michaels said...

I am fascinated that Carter was your favorite president. His not attending the White House correspondence dinner is one of only a handful of things to redeem him, in my humble opinion.

Were you speaking tongue-in-cheek, Norma, or do you really esteem him that greatly? If so, please, if I may ask, why do you like him so much? I am genuinely curious as this admiration seems to be quite contrary to much of your past writing regarding liberalism.

(By the way, I greatly admire your clear, concise, and intelligent writing on your blog.)

Norma said...

Keep in mind, I was a Democrat then. GW Bush was the first Republican I voted for. I liked Carter for his open, Christian faith, his honesty, integrity, and if you look at his record, he actually got a lot accomplished. Much more than Obama. His post presidency was flawed by trying to intervene globally, but his work for Habitat was certainly commendable. His Carter Center has done much more good than the foundations (tax shelters) of so many famous people.

Darrell Michaels said...

As president, I fail to recall many significant accomplishments under Carter's tenure. He did help to broker peace between Israel and Egypt, but most of the rest seemed to be poorly managed at best. He did appear to be a good and decent man though, and I do admire his dedication to Habitat for Humanity.

Thanks for answering my question!