Thursday, February 23, 2017

More on bathrooms, toilets and sex

Now we'll be getting protests about bathrooms and transphobia. Fewer than 1% actually have gender confusion. If you go back and look at what was happening in 2012 when Obama still preached traditional marriage you see this was being cooked up by the unelected federal bureaucracy--don't remember if it was the Department of Education or HHS. Progressivism doesn't work without victims, so as the gay lifestyle became more accepted, they had to find a new cause. After transgenderism it will be man boy love (aka pedophilia).

The big government over reach into forcing small churches, clubs and schools to spend millions on bathrooms was not about disorders, or testicles that didn't develop right, or boys who grow breasts. We're talking about the executive branch grabbing authority he didn't have to coerce 99% of the population into accepting a disorder, dysfunction or fantasy as reality. If he can do it for this disordering of nature, why not others? Not sure why erasing the differences between men and women is so critical for socialists and progressives, but I suspect it has something to do with the book of Genesis and the foundation of Judeo-Christian culture.


Anonymous said...

I've thought about this a little. If you are a transgendered woman (born a male with male genitalia) and you go into the ladies room to pee you go into the stall like every other woman in the facility. There are no urinals so no woman or girl has to be afraid of seeing a shocking sight. No problem. And if you a a trangendered male (born a woman with female genitalia) and you go into the men's room to pee you will likely go into the stall to pee because if you don't you may need to perform some complicated gymnastics to position yourself over the urinal. And if the male (post surgery) wants to use the urinal, then use the urinal because other men using the urinal avert their eyes. Ask you husband if that's true, men don't peek at other men's genitalia. Seems to be a great to-do about nothing. I've sat in a hair salon beside a transgendered female. I guess,,,, until recently I thought she was just a guy in a woman's suit, wearing nice pumps, shoulder length hair, doing her thing.

Norma said...

Of course, I've thought about this too and I know this isn't the big picture. I know I've shared restrooms with men--I've even been with a group of women than just took over the men's room and guarded the stalls for each other because the women's facilities were inadequate. The agenda, never voted on by Congress or biological research, is people can choose to be male or female, by donning a wig, wearing certain clothes. One doesn't have to have the matching genitalia anymore--just a fantasy or dysphoria. Like me deciding I'm really a black male, 6'7" tall. So it really speaks to what it means to be a human, and we are all born at the cellular level at the time of conception (the process will be put in place) to be male or female. After the federal government shoves it's big foot into our bathrooms, you really don't know what's coming. It's not about peeking (although many may do that). Lots of people need a separate bathroom, and sometimes the "family" room is free and sometimes it isn't, but this is not the aim of the LGBTQ agenda--the point is to wipe out any sense that God had a plan for procreation and the continuance of the human race.