Saturday, February 18, 2017

Withdrawing books

I'm withdrawing books. That's librarian talk. We also call that deacquisitioning. I have three locations to take them--church, library sale, and cancer resale shop (four if you count my son). Each item is recorded on my book blog and they are in piles by topic/theme on the floor of my office. This is the first time I've ever given away cook books. We have become ROMEOs. Retired old men eating out. (Need any Martha Stewart?) The shelves seem to look the same.

Then my husband gets inspired, takes a break from the watercolor of Granada he's working on, and brings up about 50 titles from his office. Bad idea. He doesn't know how to do it. I found one of my grandfather's books on farm buildings with terrific drawings from early 20th century, and half of what he "contributed" were my books which were on his shelves (too large for mine). 

The Saturday Evening Post - Fall 1972 - Richard Nixon

This introduction to book blues is to tell you I found a pristine copy of Saturday Evening Post, Fall 1972, with a portrait of Richard Nixon on the cover. That surprised me a bit since neither of us ever voted for him, or liked him. However, what is stunning is an article by Paul Ehrlich on "Population Control." He was very influential in the 60s and 70s and totally misled all western nations about the dangers of overpopulation and advocated ZPG. (It was really a disguised message I think about keeping blacks and browns under control.) Anyway, if you sort through his hints, hysteria and hyperbole, it sounds exactly like the "climate change" gooble-degook we hear today.

Erhlich is still around. There's a Vatican workshop on Biological Extinction Feb. 27-Mar.1 and he's a speaker. What a shame. Abortion, contraception, euthanasia. Speakers completely violating all church teaching. But then, so do Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry. All advanced and Western countries, U.S. Europe, Japan, China have birth rates below replacement. That's what is behind the push for more immigration--there aren't enough workers to fund the social programs. But I'm not sure Somali-Swedes or Yemeni-Germans really want to work and merge into a thrifty, hard working value system. Of course, Japan and China aren't taking in middle east refugees despite birthrates well below replacement. Nor are Nigeria or Kenya--they are coming to the U.S.--over a million in the last decade under our "diversity" immigration plan.

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