Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Repeal and replace

 85% of Americans had health insurance in 2008 either through private employers, federal and state employers, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, BIA, SCHIP. Some people didn't want insurance; some were young and thought they didn't need it; some didn't apply for what was available. Then the heavy hand of government came up with a plan that forced every citizen to purchase a product, threatened them with fine or jail if they didn't, and violated the religious values of many. [For those calling Trump a fascist, what do they think this was?] I doubt that Obamacare was ever intended to work, it was so flawed and so expensive. October 2016 prices released during the campaign showed an increase of 22% for midlevel plan. The rates were artificially low at the beginning to lull Americans into accepting more government control.

Kay, a CPA friend, reminded me: "Democrats want the billions of tax write offs that businesses get for providing insurance, and the additional billions in taxes that the rest of us don't pay because it's a non-taxable feature of employment. In Obama’s eyes and his party of socialist/progressives, all those taxes belong in Washington to be redistributed after bureaucrats and lobbyists get their share. "

 I believe the latest figure is 11% are uninsured. The main reasons low income people do not buy it is they say it is too expensive.  All that to go from 15% to 11%.  Big whoop.  With all those smart people and policy wonks, you would think that they could have found a way to insure those who needed it. . . except that wasn't the purpose.  It was power.



Anonymous said...

You may say big whoop, unless you are one of the 40,000 who still lives because they were lucky or smart enough to have ACA. I guess one more dead kid doesn't matter, unless it's your child... Such a nice Christian attitude you have.

Norma said...

No one in the U.S. dies from lack of health insurance. Read the law. In fact, those without health insurance are often treated better than those with the low level, Medicaid lite puffed up product Obama foisted on us. You didn't show a lot of care for those who lost their network and doctor perhaps while in the middle of treatment for cancer or heart disease with a specialist while maintaining in name their insurance. Do not confuse insurance with care. Just isn't the same.