Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Trump proved right again. Media are silent.

Almost all the popular vote for Clinton over Trump (about 3 million) came from California. There are Democrats who think that should trump the Electoral College vote. Now one of the California state politicians, Kevin de León (D), has announced half his family and that of other Mexican heritiage Californians use false documents to survive. In short, he has just proved Donald Trump right. But oh how the press raged at Trump for suggesting that there is voter fraud. Crickets for this admission.
"I can tell you half of my family would be eligible for deportation under executive order, because if they got a false Social Security card, if they got a false identification, if they got a false driver’s license prior to us passing AB60, if they got a false green card, and anyone who has family members, you know, who are undocumented knows that almost entirely everybody has secured some sort of false identification. That’s what you need to survive, to work. They are eligible for massive deportation." Kevin de Leon.
AB60 is a law that gives illegals drivers' licenses--about 800,000 were issued the first 2 years.

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