Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Betsy DeVos and The Department of Education

I didn't feel strongly about DeVos--except the teachers' unions were against her and that's a pretty good clue. The two Republicans who didn't support her are well funded by teachers' unions. I do wonder about the purpose of the Department of Education except to hand out grants to their favorites and fiddle around with reports no one ever reads or follows. Now, there's been an historic attempt to block the president's choices and an historic vote to break the tie. So far, in two weeks, Democrats have just made themselves look weak and whiny. Something to remember in the 2018 vote.  Teachers' unions have done an excellent job of keeping salaries/benefits high (ca. $58/hour according to BLS) and a poor job of releasing trapped poor kids from their district schools. No wonder they are against DeVos and for all Democrat politicians. Life long politicians need life long victims.
David Keck says (on Facebook): " The reason the NEA and AFT want the Department of Education in the first place has no connection to what is best for kids. What it does is provide a permanent ear and funding stream for their lobbyists in Washington for their own agenda. And the Common Core thing is just the example that it never stops with where they are when they get this department. It always gets bigger. The fact that so many districts and states kowtow to Common Core shows that they are not just "helping" or assuring rights for kids - they are imposing a national curriculum. Yes, I know it is voluntary. So is state highway money. See if you get it if you don't cooperate with the feds' latest crime of the month, e. g. seat belts, uniform speed limits, or whatever.

Don't forget that Reagan campaigned on getting rid of the DOE. He then hired Terrell Bell from Wyoming to run it, and he initiated the "A Nation At Risk" report. I had one of Bell's minions as a professor and he was quite proud of the fact that they snookered Reagan. He said so."


Anonymous said...

My wife taught in public schools for years, concluding as a Director of Gifted Education. After retirement she was one of the founders of a Charter School. (without the union) which she considered one of her best accomplishments..Richard

Anonymous said...

I note that some of the most vehement anti-deVos commentary has arisen from among my left-leaning family, especially those who have have never set foot in a public school, having been educated from 1st grade thru PhD at parochial and private institutions. Tom