Friday, February 10, 2017

Comments on the "Muslim Ban" from Medpage

Don Lynch:  "I guess first I would like to say it is not a Muslim ban. If it was there are countries with a higher number of Muslims that would have been on the list. It was an attempt to get a better hold on people with ill intent for America. It has happened before. And I would be negligent if I didn't mention that The President of the United States may have better information on the currant security risk and where they are coming from then us mere mortals. ( And NO he wouldn't tell the people as it would just tip our hand on just how must information we have on the bad guys operation.) That being said, he also mentioned this was just for two months, any questionable entries would be handled on a case by case basis. Like someone coming here for emergency surgery. During this short two months he was hoping to have a handle on things after meeting with security around the globe, and his own cabinet. But that might be delayed while politics are delaying The Presidents Cabinet. This is all being done at the risk of Americans. He didn't want to act globally until he had the necessary information in hand. And now we have judges making up law the way they think it should be. So we'll all wait (with our pants down around our ankles leaning across the table) until we get in front of a judge that reacts to The Constitution of the United States, and not one that dispatches law the way he wants it to be."

I saw this response in a comment about 12 medical organizations at MedPage objecting to the travel restrictions from seven terrorist countries.  I do wonder why the U.S. is either 1) borrowing their doctors when they need them so much, or 2) training their doctors to be sent back into the meat grinder.  Of course, we can be pretty sure they won't go back.

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