Thursday, February 02, 2017

Meltdowns of the left--where to start?

There are approximately 50 predominately Muslim countries, and the restriction (put in place by Obama) is for seven who harbor terrorists. The American left/Democrats went apoplectic even though it's shorter than Obama's "bans" and is temporary. Do they want to go on record as blocking all Muslim countries? Obama sent back Cuban refugees his final week--to a Communist country. Not a peep from the left.  And oh how they wept that the temporary attorney general decided to follow her own religion and defied her boss and the law and was fired. I guess judges are not members of unions.  This could be a step to a political career--not that she wasn't political already.  

Then the students are rioting in UC Berkeley--a gay, conservative was on campus to give a speech, and if you remember the 60s, it's sort of like that. Maybe grandpa had told them stories of the good old days.  Burning and trashing buildings and pepper spraying anyone who looked like a Trump supporter. Looks like the DeVos nomination might end in a tie in which case Mike Pence gets to cast the deciding vote. Meanwhile, they are busy trashing Gorsuch as the SCOTUS pick--and he's the one to replace a conservative.  They'd better save their big guns for the next choice, which might be to replace a liberal. If you ever thought opposition to Trump was about him being a fool, a fascist and sexist, then just look at what they are doing to Gorsuch, the closest to Jesus I've ever seen in politics. He's an "originalist" and believes judges should keep their personal politics off the bench.  Oh, horror for wise Latinas! 

And media--our third opposition party. They are horrified at Spicer and Bannon making changes in how they filter and chop and drop the news.  For 16 years we've had to put up with 8 years of anti-Bush, then 8 years of anything goes for Obama.  Now there's a new sheriff in town, and he hasn't even locked them up.  But he is adding to the select pool at the press conferences, and CNN and broadcast are now being called out like Obama demeaned Fox News for years. The media completely fail in its research and analysis during the campaign. Think about your own job/career. If your company, agency or library had misled millions of people for months, would it still be respected? Would the CEO, or even you, still have a job?

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