Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A patriotic immigrant—not waving the flag of the country of his birth

“I grew up in communist Cuba. I remember standing in lines to get food and my mother holding her little card that allowed for our rations.

My father Raul came to this country with my mother and sister in 1977. I remember how Newark airport smelled. We moved in with my aunt, oh yeah, we were legal immigrants. My father was a CPA in Cuba, a proud man. My mother was a homemaker. When we immigrated, a social worker came to our apartment. She wanted to make sure my sister and I were in school.

My mother got a job in a factory. My Dad worked 3 jobs. I never saw him except on Sunday’s when we watched the Yankees or the NY Giants. My father spoke to the social worker. She explained  “ entitlements”. She explained  “ Food stamps “. My dad asks her, “ how do I work for the food?!” She laughs at him. , “ oh no! Mr. Diaz, they are free...”.

My dad looks at her, I never forgot his gaze, he said : “ Ms. Do you know where I came from?! Cuba! A communist/ socialist country. Where free food was never free. It was a form of slavery. I came here to work for all I have. I will not accept socialism in my life again!” He never accepted any “free” anything. All we got , we earned.

My father went to school at night after 3 jobs. He earned his CPA firm he still owns. My sister became a CPA as well. I have two Masters Degrees. My sister and I have 1st generation kids born here in the best country. My sons: one a micro biologist. The other working on PhD. The other will be applying to medical school. My sister : her daughter is an attorney, the other an engineer. No entitlements. Work hard. No affirmative action.

Immigrants are great. Just come here legally. Work for what you want. Don’t use race as your excuse. Thankful to this country.”

Marti Dias-Domm from the Walkaway Campaign

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