Sunday, November 25, 2018

From a California friend of a friend via e-mail

“The Caravan’s route to Tijuana is instructive: 

If you know anything about Mexico you should remember that Tijuana is in Baja California and not on “mainland” Mexico where the Caravan famously “walked” through 2000 miles of Mexico to get to the border and to jump it. 

The gaggle of caravan members, 3000 strong as of today with more to come, are now in Tijuana.  They had to have an extra struggle to get there.   Look at the map:   There is only one road through the desert and mountains of Baja between the mainland just south of Yuma to Tijuana. The road is about 200+ miles long and skirts the Northern shore of the Sea of Cortez and crosses the large dry lake, the Laguna Salida. Then it climbs the Cuyamaca mountains; it is quite a trip….hot and steep.

If they came to Tijuana from the South in Baja they had to cross the Sea of Cortez by ferry boat at three points you can do that all far South of the border and you need to bring money…..lots of it.

Then the route they took goes past the USA border entry points at San Luis/Yuma, Mexicali/Calexico (two crossing points), Tecate/Tecate Cal. and Otay Mesa/San Diego before it finally ends at Tijuana.  The caravan also could have turned East at the border to reach other entry points there.

If the caravan’s objective was/is to gain entry to the USA they had at least five opportunities to do that before Tijuana……but that’s where the TV cameras are and the caravan went those extra miles to reach them.  They didn’t  walk either— that road isn’t made for that.   So that trip was organized and financed by radical “open border” thugs like George Soros and people with deep pockets who are democrats. 

I have not heard one reporter (so called) say anything about the facts above.”

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