Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Two peas in a pod—Acosta and Trump

They both love being on camera, they both can be rude and boisterous, and they both love a fight. For a New Yorker,  it’s like flies to honey for Trump. And many of his base love it, because the press has been so nasty to them sneering at them and their education level with moral superiority.

However, in my opinion, since CNN has another 150 reporters who have not been barred from press conferences, and those conferences are not a “right” they are a privilege (imagine if I showed up and said because I’m a blogger I should be allowed in because it is a form of the press—at least to people who think I should shut down the site)

I listened to a montage of Acosta’s shouted comments and statements (rarely a question) and actually, I’d call it hate speech, but because both men are white, (and both are sons of immigrants) I guess that won’t work.

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