Friday, November 30, 2018

Chris’ Walkaway—voted twice for Obama

I don’t know if I was ever really a liberal person. Just remembering how I was brought up in the black community, and in the church I was definitely raised with mostly conservative values. As I grew up, and began to come into my own as a young man I knew something wasn’t right about certain aspects of being a liberal. First and foremost I love GOD! I’m a capitalist, I’m pro life, love low taxes, hate socialism, hate government overreach, and I’m a 2nd Amendment supporter.

I voted for Obama twice, he was a complete and utter failure to this country. For the 2012 election I actual watched, and listened to a few Mitt Romney rallies. I enjoyed a lot of what he had to say, and agreed with most. On election day 2012, I seriously had to bite my lip in order to vote for Obama the second time. It was such a hard choice, because I knew I related to Romney’s policies, but I had always voted Democrat my entire life.

In 2015 when Trump announced he was running for President it was like one of those cartoon light bulbs that shined above your head when you connect with something brilliant. Trump's announcement speech was music to my ears, and I haven’t looked back since. This is a new era of conservatism, and thank all of you for welcoming me with open arms.

I was going to hold out from posting a story, but today [Nov. 15] was sort of the tipping point for me. I commented on Facebook after someone posted the story about Jim Acosta suing Trump for suspending his press pass. The conversation was very civil until someone (nameless) told me that I was “confused, and self hating” [Chris is a black man], and that it made her sad to realize that self hatred was real. WHAT! Now, does this sound like a person that is inclusive or tolerant? Absolutely not! To the Democrats I’m a disgrace to my race, a sellout, and a Uncle Tom, etc….

We need to fight, and get the conservative message across. We all know that conservative speech is suppressed to the highest levels. It really pisses me off to see conservative voices silenced by fear and intimidation. We can’t wear hats or tee-shirts in the street without risking a confrontation of some sort, then sucker punched if we don’t comply, conservative speakers are stopped at the steps of universities, and told to go away “come back another day”, can’t eat in restaurants, families aren’t safe in their homes due to mobs of imbeciles showing up outside the front door. Now, think hard! What day and age does this remind you of? I want no part of liberalism, it’s a thoughtless mindset to where the leaders mindf@ck the followers. I’m a Free Thinker!

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