Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Poor Martha got Flaked.

“A week ago, it looked like Republicans had picked up three seats, with former Air Force fighter pilot Martha McSally capturing the Senate seat being vacated by anti-Trump Republican Jeff Flake. Instead, she conceded Monday in a narrow loss to a petulant leftist, Kyrsten Sinema. The latter once described her state as “a meth lab of democracy,” a dig at Arizona’s “deplorables.”

It is a notable irregularity that Arizona’s Republican governor, Doug Ducey, defeated his opponent by a whopping 15%, while McSally’s loss to Sinema was under 2%, though Sinema failed to win a popular majority. What can explain such an extraordinary level of ticket-splitting? Clearly, McSally got “Flaked.” “

I demand a recount!! Surely they can find a box of votes in the trunk of some officials car—oh wait, that only happens for Democrats.

A meth lab of democracy.  Nice. Democrats just can’t stop the name calling—racist, sexist, homophobe, Nazi, fascist, deplorable. If you believe in traditional marriage, you’re a homophobe. If you believe in national borders, you’re a racist.  I thought McSally was terrific, and Sinema was awful.  Maybe McSally wasn’t glamorous enough? Sinema is for open borders and abortion, and she doesn’t seem to like Arizonans a lot either.

“According to her own words in the Arizona Republic, Sinema fully backed closing Luke Air Force Base, which supports jobs for 85,000 Arizonans. While Biden, as a Senator, voted to shut down Williams Air Force Base in Maricopa County which served as the nation’s foremost pilot training facility until it was shuttered in 1993, causing a loss of 3,800 jobs and $300 million in economic activity for the state.

And just like Biden, who backs amnesty and did nothing to fix our broken immigration system, Sinema has repeatedly voted to protect sanctuary cities, voted against completing the wall, and voted to deny additional border security at ports of entry where 90% of illegal narcotics enter our country.”

Sinema has called Republicans Neanderthals and ridicules women who stay at home and take care of their families rather than working outside the home, and she’s militantly pro-abortion (sort of goes with the anti-family thing). This is a real tragedy for Arizona; as Californians tire of the high taxes and over regulation they migrate to Arizona after making a killing on their home sale,, and then set out to change Arizona into the same mess they left.

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Anonymous said...

Only 3 times have a recount reversed an election, always with "found" votes for Democrats: Washington State, Vermont, and Minnesota (Al Franken). In Florida and Georgia we're talking thousands of votes would have to be "found" not hundreds. But I believe Democrats can do it! They are so crooked, I don't put anything past them.