Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The importance of exercise

“The experts call physical activity the “best buy” in public health. And the guidelines are based on evidence from thousands of studies. Based on this evidence, an expert panel concluded that exercise increases our lifespans, prevents that sneaky annual weight gain and reduces the risk of almost every chronic disease: cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many cancers. No other single behavior can do as much good for your health. By investing some time into exercise now, you get to cash in later. Think of it as the 401K for a long, healthy and happy life. “
I go to Lifetime Fitness 6 times a week, so that’s about 300 minutes of planned exercise, plus I may do another 10-15 at home on my exercycle.  I’m not seeing a big pay off, but then I’ve pretty much been a slug my whole life.  I don’t really enjoy exercise, but I can do 3 miles on a cycle if I take a magazine with me. or turn on Fox News. However, being a researcher from way back, the number of articles on exercise as the new life extender pill is stunning.
This article suggests move more, sit less, but since I’ve battled weight gain from all this exercise (I’m more hungry), I still hold to my old motto, “Move More, East Less,” or MMEL.  The author is exactly right, though, in saying it’s not difficult to add 5 minutes a day to your routine, and then when that’s settled, add another five.
As I’ve said before, I’ve seen some stunning role models at the gym—usually men who come in on walkers, or are using canes. One woman has an artificial below the knee prosthesis.  When I think the treadmill is too boring, I look at them and decide I don’t have it so bad.
I looked up the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee Scientific Report linked in the first  paragraph thinking I’d print it, but it turned out to be over 700 pages, so I just printed the Executive Summary, pp. 18-25.

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