Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Guess which party the splitting partner or friend or family member belonged to. Exactly.

“Many people with divergent perspectives from their partners have not been able to make it work in the Trump era. A Reuters/Ipsos poll completed in early 2017 found that in the months following Trump’s election win, 13 percent of 6,426 participants had cut ties with a friend or family member over political differences. This past summer, another survey of 1,000 people found that a third declared the same.”

New York Magazine, November 27.

I warn you, this article sounds like something out of “The Onion,” and you almost can’t believe women can be this stupid over political differences, or in the one case, because her husband had less enthusiasm for being so ridiculous (neither liked Trump, but he didn’t go crazy).  But then you remember the 1970s when we discovered consciousness raising, and the late 80s when we discovered menopause, and it all starts to sound like just a bad movie that’s been re-made too many times.  One woman admitted she was obsessing, posting on social media, not speaking civilly to her husband and after counseling remembered she’d been date-raped and this was a way to take back power.  Oh puleeze!

The most interesting couple (using their real names, perhaps because of their professions) was a life coach and couples therapist. The woman was a Republican and the man a Democrat, but until the 2016 election it never came up.  Then the sparks when she decided to vote for Trump. I’m just saying, she was the far more reasonable and respectful of the two about their differences.

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