Thursday, November 29, 2018

Trump haters even criticize the White House Christmas decor

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Melania Trump was raked over the coals by social media nobodies and the somebodies in the anti-Trump know nothing media.

This Amelia, Ohio, florist was part of the team that put this stunning display together.

“This was one of my Masterpieces! 10 feet high this big one behind me. We pinned each and every one of these single little cluster of berries on one by one. It took hours! All of the styrofoam cones underneath had to be totally covered. We even had to go back and paint the silver pins each one with a red paint pen to cover the mechanics. I thought we would never get finished. We had 45 of these trees to cover and complete in 3 days. It's a miracle they turned out so perfect.” (Facebook)

And the Washington Post, always with the evil eye on the White House, said a red tree is a diseased tree.

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