Monday, November 26, 2018

New academic rock star, Gad Saad

Professor Gad Saad is another academic who's become some what a popular rock star of PC and crazy feminism like Jordan Peterson through YouTube and podcasts. He's a Lebanese-Canadian Jewish immigrant whose family first fled to Syria from Lebanon. That should get him points. His field is evolutionary behavior and he's even been bold enough to research how hormones affect consumer decisions. Interview is with one of my favorites, Greg Gutfeld .
La guapa hipocresía de Justin Trudeau: Líder de Guerreros ... 
His YouTube channel is
A non-political chat about his problems with weight management after having been an athlete as a young man.  You should read the comments and advice on this one!  Probably a good one to watch after 4 days of feasting and left-overs!

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