Saturday, November 17, 2018

What a sore, sour loser! Stacey Abrams

“This is not a concession speech,” Ms. Abrams said, delivering a fiery speech to supporters saying the voting process was poisoned from the start by Republicans — and in particular Mr. Kemp, who had been secretary of state until he resigned after the election.

He led by 60,000 votes, well over the number needed to avoid a run-off.  If every time a black and/or female candidate loses and she cries foul, what happens if there are two black candidates?  Doesn’t someone have to lose?

Considering Abrams’ socialist stance and Georgia’s traditional conservative views, Kemp should be embarrassed that his lead wasn’t greater.

NPR snarked that African Americans fought “only decades ago” for the right to vote and is playing fast and lose with history.  That was 50 + years ago and it was the Democrat Party that had special rules for blacks to votes, like counting beans in a jar.  If any election season showed why every voter needs to have ID it’s what has happened in Florida, Texas and Georgia. The Democrats are still acting as though blacks aren’t smart enough to follow the rules.  These recounts with people trying to figure out the “intention” of the voter are ridiculous.

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