Monday, November 12, 2018

Me and Mick

“Do you have a job, a car, and a couch? Congratulations! Your hips are probably as tight as Mick Jagger’s pants.”

I used to be very flexible.  Now if I turn the wrong way or bend over to remove laundry from the dryer or tie my shoe, BING, there goes the back.

I can do about 5 of these, (1-3, 5, 8) but not the more drastic ones shown on this website.

How to Stretch Your Hips

1. Lying Hip Rotations
Cross one ankle across the opposite knee and rotate the hip in and out.

2. Piriformis Stretch
Cross one knee over the opposite thigh and pull the knee toward the opposite shoulder.

3. Butterfly Stretch
Sit with your feet together and move your knees toward the floor.

4. Frog Stretch
On all fours, separate your knees as wide as you can and rock back and forth.

5. Kneeling Lunge
Get into a lunge position and keep your chest tall as you move your hips back and forth.

6. Traveling Butterfly
Move from the longsitting position to the butterfly position.

7. Squatting Internal Rotations
From a deep squat, rotate one knee toward the ground, then alternate.

8. Pigeon Stretch
Sit with one knee bent to 90-degrees in front of you, and one knee behind you, rotating your back hip forward and backward.


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