Friday, November 09, 2018

Remembering the Obama years

I haven’t forgotten what things looked like in 2008 when Obama was running.  Also haven’t forgotten how the stock market dropped with a thud when he secured the nomination.  I haven’t forgotten that the official recession was over in June 2009 before the first expensive, bloated, unnecessary gift-to-special interests went out the door of the White House.

I haven’t forgotten either that Bush inherited a recession from Clinton, and he cut taxes and things quickly moved on.  I haven’t forgotten what fracking did for the economy and how Obama fought our becoming energy independent, or how so many people who lost their jobs and insurance just buckled down and worked 2-3 jobs, or started their own business.

I haven’t forgotten that Obama took over major sectors of the economy—the classic definition of national socialism—the banks, the auto industry, health insurance, and of course, everyone’s favorite, bathrooms.  The stock market, not necessarily “the economy” started going up, up, up, but not necessarily growth, or labor participation, or consumer confidence, which are the real measures. 

I haven’t forgotten that unemployment went over 10%.  So when Obama, who virtually killed the Democrat Party causing about 1200 losses of offices in state and local governments and pushing it ever further left into the current crazy level, touts how this is HIS economy, anyone who remembers those 8 years just laughs and realizes he’s smoking marijuana again, or maybe never stopped.

An overweight, 72 year old is putting him to shame with his knowledge and energy—and his campaigning.  Obama couldn’t even fill a room and loses his voice, and Trump pulled massive crowds who waited in the rain 2 hours, and then he goes on to two more campaign stops. 

Yes, I haven’t forgotten who turned the Democrat Party into something I, as a 40 year Democrat, can barely recognize. That’s one campaign promise he kept—to fundamentally transform the country.

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