Sunday, November 18, 2018

Jim Acosta and President Trump

Acosta wasn’t asking a question at the press conference that ended in a shouting match; he was grandstanding and giving an opinion.  Eventually Trump had his press pass pulled, (but not all CNN’s other 150 staff) from White House press conferences, which are not about freedom of the press, but about invitation.  Trump could just stop giving these interviews, except he loves confrontation and trolling the media.  It gets him more publicity and his base loves it.

It looks like temporarily with a law suit, CNN may win this round.  Trump should have just hacked Acosta’s computer the way the previous President did for reporters he didn’t like or who were getting too close to the truth.

Sharyl Attkisson can tell you a bit about how reporters were treated under Obama.

What would happen if I wanted entrance to the White House and demanded a press pass because I’m a blogger?  Must be discrimination because I’m a woman.

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