Friday, November 16, 2018

Mueller, O’Keefe, conspiracies and Avenatti

I pretty much ignored the accusations about Robert Mueller and sexual assault. I’m so old fashioned I think a white man in government is innocent until proven guilty.  Those things have become so ho-hum, and the wild accusations about Kavanaugh probably killed the #MeToo movement and will discredit even believable cases.  But I thought this hit piece in Fortune was interesting.  The writer attempts to drag in James O’Keefe, the man whose videos have brought shame and discredit on protected tax supported organizations like Planned Parenthood, caught selling baby parts, and other mischief like exposing voter fraud and lies about Kavanaugh. He is not “far-right,” but he is a righteous man calling out sin doing the down and dirty research our alphabet media used to do.  And he was not involved in this Mueller charge at all—that’s just using his name to make this article a “click farm,” second cousin of “fake news.”

“These emails appear to be part of a baroque approach—pioneered by far-right activist James O’Keefe—to discredit reporting by enticing media outlets into using an unreliable source, and then expose its journalists for promulgating “fake news” for buying into it.”

The article doesn’t address the Mueller charges, only creates more conspiracy theories, because what would happen to all the Trump charges if Mueller were under suspicion?  Goodness.  Can’t have that!  When Michael Avenatti had all his conspiracies, the MSM were interviewing him about 15 minutes every news hour.  They couldn’t get enough of him.  Now he’s been discredited, but misses the lime light. The media’s definition of a “conspiracy” depends on their politics.

And now I’ve done what the big boys do—chosen four tags guaranteed to lure clicks to my web site.  Sorry.  There’s nothing here, nor there.

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