Friday, November 30, 2018

I wonder if she still has a job after coming out for Trump? Valerie walked away in July

I live in a very liberal, far left section of the East Coast and it has become very disheartening. When I saw this group [WalkAway], I breathed the biggest sigh of relief that must have been heard from miles away. I am a registered Democrat, mom, volunteer/advocate for suicide prevention and am in my 22nd year of teaching blind and visually impaired children. Prior to the election and a few months afterwards, I would engage in debate but then realized it was fruitless. The hurled insults at my family, friends and I, because of our political views, support, choices, etc., were applauded/supported by people who I consider friends and neighbors. Friends who preach love, kindness and tolerance, friends who advocate for the poor, the opening of our borders and the acceptance of MS-13 from their beautiful homes or beach chairs on their vacations. I especially love the indirect /insults comments and then the replies when called out on it - “I didn’t say you in particular” or “I’m entitled to my opinion.” Well, what about mine? Why is it OK for you to wear a vagina on your head and cheer when our president is threatened during celebrity speeches during a protest but then scream that I promote violence and have the blood of children on my hands because I am a gun owner?

I decided to Walk Away because of the hypocrisy. I work in the public school system in two middle to lower income districts – very diverse, wonderful hardworking families but an area affected by addiction and a small population of MS-13 members. I see the effects of their surroundings on children first hand – but I was verbally called insensitive and a “horrible, sickening person” because I agreed when Trump called MS-13 members inhuman. From the same armchair warriors who don’t leave their perfect neighborhoods, with the exception of the yearly trip to work in a soup kitchen followed by 500 posted pictures of the excursion.

I’ve heard friends and neighbors claim that if you voted for or support Trump you are a “bigot, sexist, racist, xenophobe, etc.” At one point, I pointed out to these people who used to praise my son for his involvement in volunteering to work with underprivileged youth, actively takes part of the “Its on Us” campaign (fights sexual assault on college campuses), raised money for AFSP and Relay for life were now labeling him as such, because of his vote.

So, I am walking away from the Democratic Party. I will also walk away from any party in the future who behaves this badly. Oh yeah…..I also walked away from Hollywood Award shows.

DISCLOSURE: I do not and will not discuss politics with my students. I can encourage them to think for themselves across all areas but prefer to keep the school environment positive - too much adversity in politics - kids need to be kids. And thankfully I work in supportive school districts so don’t have to deal with politics at work. This post is about my life experiences outside of my work.

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