Sunday, November 25, 2018

Khashoggi is dead and so are many other Muslims

Bomb kills Afghan soldiers inside mosque --Army spokesman says 27 are dead | 24 Nov 2018 | A bomb exploded during Friday prayers in a mosque packed with army troops in Afghanistan's southeastern Khost province, killing at least 27 soldiers, a government spokesman said. There were conflicting accounts as to how the blast was triggered. Some officials said a suicide bomber detonated explosives on his body, and other officials said they suspected that a bomb hidden in the main hall of the mosque detonated as soldiers were beginning to offer special Friday prayers.”
Bomb blast at religious scholar gathering in Afghanistan kills at least 50 | 20 Nov 2018 | A suicide bomber who targeted a gathering of religious scholars in Kabul has killed at least 50 people and wounded another 80, authorities say. The scholars had met inside a wedding hall to celebrate Prophet Mohammed's birthday, interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish said. The total of 50 dead and 80 wounded is reported by the Reuters news agency, quoting three government sources, while other reports put the death toll at 43.”
“The attack is the first of its kind against a Sunni religious gathering in Afghanistan, the Washington Post reported.
No one has claimed to have been behind the blast, but both Taliban and Islamic State (IS) groups have targeted religious scholars tied to the government in the past.”
So why are our media only concerned more about Khashoggi?  Because then they can reach deep in their bag of hate tricks and link it to Trump! It’s really bizarre.  Here’s a peaceful group of scholars celebrating a holy day, and they are blown to bits by other Muslims vs. a disaffected Saudi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, living in the U.S. who writes columns (he was not a journalist) for the NYT who is brutally murdered by his own government for being anti-Saudi. A religious killing or a political assassination?  Who knows, but Trump knows we need the Saudi government in that region.
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