Monday, November 19, 2018

Orange is the new Blue

Dan Flynn of the American Spectator observes in an e-mail, November 19, 2018

I went with Oliver North to one of his speeches in Orange County in the mid-1990s shortly after his loss in the Virginia U.S. Senate race. Back then, it struck as every bit the home of John Wayne. A local children’s patriotic group—yes, such a thing existed—surreally sang various up-with-America songs in red-white-and-blue garb. Someone said a prayer. The gymnasium—I think it was Chapman University—overflowed.

Orange County looked like a time machine a quarter century ago. Orange County looks like a time machine now. So, it’s the same, only different. Back then, Orange County travelled in a way-back machine. Today, the locals set the DeLorean to sometime in the near future.
The county once synonymous with Reagan conservatism just elected six Democrats to represent them in Congress. Prior to election day, four Republicans and two Democrats represented the county in Congress.

Not too long ago, such right-wingers as Bill Dannemeyer, Bob Dornan, Col. John Schmitz represented the county in Congress. When Schmitz was asked why he joined the John Birch Society, he answered: “I wished to identify with the moderate wing of the Republican Party in Orange County.” John Briggs, perhaps the most bombastic of the county’s local politicians, won reelected to the state senate throughout the 1970s. Richard Nixon called Orange County home.

Dana Rohrabacher could not even win reelection here in 2018.

Times change. So do demographics.”

Increasingly, only rich Democrats can afford to live in California.  The conservatives are moving to Arizona or Texas or Nevada.  Unfortunately, some liberals are moving out too because of the atrocious taxes—and they pollute formerly red states.

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