Thursday, November 29, 2018

Anti-Semitism and the Liberals

Donald Trump was called an anti-Semite for calling out George Soros who supports all manner of leftist organizations and infiltrates Christian groups, but Marc Lamont Hill, a CNN employee, is allowed to advocate for the destruction of the country Israel and jihadism. He claims it wasn't MLK Jr. using peaceful protests to push the Democrats to give up Jim Crow in the South, but the slave revolts of the 19th century that set the stage. I wonder if he knows that today, November 29, 2018, black Africans are still being sold into slavery to the highest bidder by Muslims.

If Roseanne and Megan can be fired for far, far less, this man deserves to go. If Info Wars is a threat to the nation through social media, then this guy is a ticking time bomb. He used to (or maybe still does) preach his filth and hate on Fox News but I haven't seen him for awhile.  He’s chummy with Farrakhan.

He is a Professor of Media Studies and Urban Education at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I can’t understand why American Jews support the Democrats and their hatred for Israel.  And this is not about Trump.  I remember this from 30 years ago, and mainstream Christians getting all weepy over poor little Palestine.  Have they even looked at a map of the Middle East in recent years?

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