Monday, August 24, 2009

A.D. Wenger writes about Europe

Earlier this month I blogged about my new book (110 years old), Six months in Bible Lands by A. D. Wenger. Wengers are in my family tree, but I think he's a different branch--Christian Wenger, and I'm descended from Hans and Hannah. I've finished it now, and thoroughly enjoyed reliving the many places we visited this spring on our "Steps of Paul" tour. I have some more notes on this book at my other, other blog just in case you've been following that story. He was a premillenialist, Mennonite pacifist evangelist, so all his writing has that filter.

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Norma said...

This week I got an e-mail from another reader of Wenger's travels:

"It is so interesting to read your comments regarding A. D. Wenger's book Around the World in 14 Months. It just so happens that this book has been in our family home for decades. My guess is that it had been passed on down from my grandfather, who was a Mennonite. However, I know of no one in my family who had ever actually read the book. It was not until last week when I became housebound with a cold that I picked up the book and started to read. I was absolutely fascinated because I, too, had taken a trip around the world by myself in 1971 and 1972. I was even more fascinated because I had previously worked for a mission board and had visited some missionary friends in various countries. Then, too, Wenger mentions his visiting with missionaries in India--at the time my own uncle's parents were missionaries there. Wenger speaks of visiting missionaries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. He describes the orphanage, how it came to be, the famine, etc. He answered many of my questions that had been raised in my mind about my uncle's parents while serving in India. Since I had skipped the beginning of the book in order to get to his travels in India, I am now just about one-fifth of the way through the book but already have learned a great deal and so find it difficult to put the book down."