Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good health is worth the price, part 2

This is part 2 of a guest blog written by Joan Barris of Lakeside. Here's the first part.

For years I battled neck pain, sinus congestion, chemical allergies and the resulting vertigo. Traditional medicine gave me this response: "The only answer to chemical allergies is avoidance." Easier said than done. The vertigo and sinus issues were treated with prescriptions that simply didn't work and had side effects. Physical therapy for the neck pain exacerbated the problem. As my symptoms worsened, the doctor ordered first a CT scan and then an MRI, which showed nothing. I was a "healthy senior" with mild hypertension. I began complaining to anyone with the patience to listen--"these issues are real and make my daily life not enjoyable."

At my last visit to the ENT, he reported that the tests were negative and dismissed me with, "I'm here if you need me." He saw me as a hypochondriac, I surmised. Then I discovered Susan Mikolic (see www.SteppingStonesMentalHealth.com) and read her story about overcoming mental maladies with diet. Her journey began with Dr. Keith Jordan, a holistic practitioner/chiropractor (see www.owcenter.com). Her simple advice was shop the perimeter of the stores. All fresh meats, fruits, vegetables. No preservatives or additives. That I knew I could do, but I needed more.

In March 2009 I called Dr. Jordan's office and miraculously got in on a cancellation by a new patient--18 ready-made appointments. In the first two weeks he adjusts my neck, pulling so hard on my skull I thought my head would come off. Then he gives me a paper about sugar metabolism, Sweet Nothings which asked: Is your body metabolizing sugar properly? Do you experience fatigue, moodiness and cravings, weight gain, headaches, hyperactivity/attention problems, or allergies? There are key guidelines to a sugar control diet. There is a list of DO NOT EAT foods and a list of RECOMMENDED foods. I will be drinking lots of water, eating whole foods, limiting intake of grains, avoiding sugars of all kinds, not ingesting caffeine and combining foods appropriately. The admonition is, "If in doubt, don't eat it." Snack ideas: Fruits--up to two pieces per day, berries, vegetables, cheese, raw nuts. Dr. Jordan gave me some nutritional supplements and prescribed a series of infrared saunas. For the next 21 days I would be detoxing. I was primed for the task, set with the intention to do this exactly right.

It took only two weeks of this regimen and I knew I was on to something that worked. I was already beginning to feel better. I am now 6 months into the program and have lost 20 pounds. I feel so much better in every area that used to bother me. I've never felt ravenously hungry because there is no caloric restriction. And no cravings! Not once had any medical professional asked me what I eat. If we were all on the Sweet Nothings program we wouldn't be needing their services?

I have to admit is is difficult to run a bed and breakfast and be away from home and stay 100% on the plan, but I do my best. Having a Farmer's Market here in Lakeside twice a week helps my cause. And if I simply must have ice cream (3 times this summer), I bring my stash of organic raw cacao nibs and sprinkle them over a small dish of vanilla ice cream.

So here's my bottom line. For the price of good food, and some holistic treatments, I achieved wellness I had not known for a number of years. It was worth the price--every cent!

Joan recommends these titles:
    Barbara Kingsolver, "Animal, vegetable, miracle."
    Joshua Rosenthal, "The energy balance diet."
    Renee Loux, "The balanced plate."
    Jacqueline Paltis, "The sugar control Bible and cookbook."

End Part 2.


TitansFan said...

Way to go! I have had some health issues of my own. My Dr. told me I needed to lose weight to be healthier. I balked at that because I've always been called skinny. Then I looked in the mirror to see my gut. That was the day I decided to buy my
Infrared Sauna. It has worked great! I don't even have to take diabetes medication anymore.

Thiruppathy Raja said...

Very nice and interesting blog. I like it and so much thanks for sharing this nice post with us and keep posting.

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