Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week 10 at Lakeside, Civil War theme

Week 9 was truly spectacular--American composers and writers. Monday began a look at Aaron Copland (1900-1990) which continued through the symphony offerings at night. Monday night we had a performance by a Mark Twain actor, Marvin Cole, and then he lectured on Huckleberry Finn on Tuesday, including performing the dialog between Huck and Jim, the two runaways. He made a brief reference (with displeasure, which I share) to the current deconstruction fad, where only the sub-text, never the actual words matter, which unfortunately your children will probably be hit with in college literature class. Due to our house guests and my art class, I skipped a few that I had circled as interesting. The final performance of the symphony was spectacular. My husband's painting of the orchestra, which had won the popular vote during the art show, was given to Director Cronquist for his birthday.

This week looks busier than I probably want to be--the 6th Annual Civil War Week, plus the week's Chaplain looks good too, Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon pastor of All Saints Orthodox Church in Chicago. I skipped lakefront services this morning and am attending the 10:30 service at Hoover so I can hear him. If I like that, I'll probably attend the 9:15 week-day sermons by him. He'll also be doing vespers. He is a senior editor of Touchstone. A sample of his writings shows I may need to pay very close attention.

The week opens on Saturday and it was Corky Siegel and Chamber Blues. We thoroughly enjoyed them, and I actually stayed for the entire performance! Click here to preview. So for the lectures/seminars after the chaplain's hour I've noted: Lincoln and his admirals; U.S. Colored troops; Battle of Mobile Bay; Helen Noye, young nurse at Anapolis; Religion and faith in the Civil War; Civil war sketch artists; God's storm troopers, the Jesuit chaplains; as well as one of the evening programs, a play based on the life of abolitionist John Brown and his wife. That sounds a bit busier than I like to be, tossing in the bird walk at 8 a.m. on Tuesday and the herb class at 8:30 on Wednesday. We'll have to see. But it looks like I won't be signing up for any art classes.

Note: That's not me in the above photo, but a plein air artist. I just thought she looked a bit 19th century.

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The History Man said...

It sounds like you are a Civil War enthusiast. If you haven't had a chance to take a look at Footnote's Civil War Collection, you should!

Have a great week!