Thursday, August 27, 2009

Small, medium, big

I have no problem telling a Chihuahua from a Jack Russell from a Dachshund, or an Arabian from a Thoroughbred from a Percheron, or a Jersey from a Guernsey from a Holstein, but once I get beyond robins and blue jays, I'm not much good identifying birds. I've been going on these bird watch/walks this summer, and you should hear these people rattle off the names! I see a bunch of gulls, or I think they are gulls. "There goes an adolescent boney," or "look at that herring gull, see the head on that ring bill?" One lady from Akron told us about thousands of purple martins "staging" in Akron before they fly off to Brazil. Then there are the terns, cormorants, ospreys and herons. I just didn't grow up around shore birds. Some of the early a.m. watchers have been doing this 20-30 years! They've identified hundreds--it's like a game with them. And like any hobby, they all say they meet the nicest people.

Boneparte gull (small)

Ring bill gull (medium)

Herring gull (big)


Carol............. said...

Hi! We live close to the water and gulls are everywhere! The ones most common here have a red spot on the beak instead of the black.

I LOVE your art! I dabbled in watercolor years ago and should have pursued this but I ended up doing mainly illustrations an graphic art.......but watercolor is still a favorite.

Carol............. said...

Oh, and I really enjoy your political views....will be back to visit.

Norma said...

Love your site. I'll definitely be linking, and/or asking if I can use some of your photos as reference. You are fabulous. There are just so many talented artists out there. Horses and kitties; Carol you've pushed my buttons.