Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The issue is trust

Neo-Neocon says it best: ". . . it appears to be dawning on an increasing number of Americans that President Obama cannot be trusted. There are two reasons for this. The first is that so many of the things he promised during the campaign—transparency, bipartisanship, unity and an end to blaming, a post-racial presidency, no catering to special interests and lobbies, and posting of bills in a timely fashion online, to name just a few—have not only been violated, but have been boldly, flagrantly, and shamelessly violated. The second thing is that his pre-election stance as a moderate is seen to have been a lie as well, and that’s even more basic—at least for the moderates and Independents who gave him the support he required to put him over the top and guarantee his election.

One can talk about this policy of Obama’s or that one, and agree with certain elements of his program and disagree with others. But although these are very important issues, they are not the issue. Trust is."

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Anonymous said...

Best comment at Neo's post: "Don’t we sound like parents, then, asking our teenager about her new boyfriend. Character matters. Does he have a job? What do we know about him? What are his friends like? Do we know his family? I know he’s handsome and talks pretty, but how does he treat you.

And the Democrats said “Oh Dad/Mom! You just don’t understand!”