Monday, August 10, 2009

The media bias

They sold out long ago to Obama, stepping over or on Hillary to do it, so this NYT account of the health care town halls is no surprise:
    There is no dispute, however, that most of the shouting and mocking is coming from opponents of those plans. Many of those opponents have been encouraged to attend by conservative commentators and Web sites.
When we attended a Palin-McCain rally at Capital University last fall, we were mocked, ridiculed and shouted at from across the street. They never came inside to listen, of course. McCain was good, but Palin was outstanding.

When you go to sporting events, football, hockey or baseball, you expect the other team to NOT root for your team. When you go to a Code Pink Rally, you should expect to see anti-Bush signs about Hitler. When you go to a pro-life demonstration, don't be surprised to see posters of chopped up babies. These are life and death issues to many people.

But I visit liberal blogs and I know they were giving out addresses and times and encouraging liberals to attend these meetings. Do they really think that Democrat representatives need to hear from the party hacks and faithful? Or do they need to hear from the 84% of Americans who think we have pretty darn good health care with some glitches that need to be fixed?
    In response, liberal groups and the White House have also started sending supporters instructions for countering what they say are the organized disruptions.
Well, at least they got that part right, then they continued with the Republican bashing. Obviously, they never sent a reporter to Ohio during the 2008 campaign to cover the ACORN bussers.

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