Monday, August 10, 2009

Billoblog is back and posting

I don't know a single medical professional at any level, from doctor to nurse to office manager to medical flight owner, who thinks Obamacare is anything but a huge disaster for American health. Here's Bill's point of view. MD from Vanderbilt. Met him online about 1995. He was rather quiet for awhile, but seems to have caught a second wind.
    "The Obamafascists are appalled, simply appalled, that people are asking questions and speaking up. The Great Community Organizer and his folk are now calling community organizing “political terrorism,” and beating up people who speak. Establishing tyranny is such hard work. And the little people just won’t shut up.

    But some folk are saying that all of this is a good thing. Americans need to be reminded of the threat of soft despotism, and we’ve elected the man to do it.

    Read the Steyn’s review."

"The all-pervasive micro-regulatory state “enervates,” but nicely, gradually, so after a while you don’t even notice. And in exchange for liberty it offers security: the “right” to health care; the “right” to housing; the “right” to a job—although who needs that once you’ve got all the others? The proposed European Constitution extends the laundry list: the constitutional right to clean water and environmental protection. Every right you could ever want, except the right to be free from undue intrusions by the state."

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