Saturday, August 15, 2009

Michael Vick and punishment for crimes

The animal rights people are out for blood--blood and a pound of flesh of a human, an athlete, an African American, a celebrity, a rich guy. Not only has Michael Vick received far more punishment, jail time and faster justice than athletes who beat up girl friends and wives, but now they want to take what's left of his sorry career, too. After a good part of my professional life in the agriculture and veterinary libraries of Ohio State--where I collected their publications--I'm not surprised, and yet I am. Animal rightists baffle me (don't confuse with animal welfare). People who go all soft and quivery over cruel and despicable actions toward animals, who liberate research lab rats who could save the lives of children and pets, who think your pet dalmation has the same rights as you and therefore you can't own him, don't bat an eye lash at chopping up an 8 month old human fetus in the name of choice, or depriving millions of African children of protection from malaria with DDT in the name of saving the environment.

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