Friday, August 07, 2009

This will go nowhere

No matter what is discovered about Obama's true place of birth, the findings can go nowhere, because there's no way to remove him now that he's in office. You have to have an impeachable offense. I suggest that every person who ever runs for President in the future needs to supply a valid birth certificate acceptable to the other parties. College records and military records should be valid and accessible, too.

Thousands, maybe millions of Americans have phony, just-as-if birth certificates. They are called adoptees. Someone will need to clean that up. Someone will need to make that rule about an American mother's residency requirement for citizenship retroactive, because I think the law has been changed, but if it's a state law, maybe not. Thousands of Americans live abroad and give birth--some never come back and hate the United States. Why should their children be called Americans and not Israelis, or Poles, or Turks, or Germans?


Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
It's so simple. All Obama has to do is produce a valid birth certificate and background records but obviously he can't. Our legislators should force the issue so this country can move forward but they don't. So, at the risk of being labeled an extremist, I guess it's fair that I ask WHY?

Jim McKee said...

This is probably a non-issue. If this was real, don't you think Hillary Rotten Clinton would've brought it up? She wanted to be Prez SOOOOO badly (and although it pains me to say it, I would've rather had her than Barry Hussein Obama).

Norma said...

Yes, it is a non-issue, and we don't know that Hillary wasn't behind at least some of the rumors. The Clintons aren't stupid.