Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fred gets shouted down by leftists

But then it's Madison, Wisconsin, what can we expect but rude behavior? Check out this taxpayers' rally.


Anonymous said...

You must be watching selective town meetings! I attended one of them Sat. locally...and I sat there mute...unable to believe what I was hearing. The Repubs are selling fear again..and my neighbors and towns folk are buying in again. I have to guys are good. I tip my hat to the Repubs on this one.if you want to talk about rude...there is plenty of blame on both side..but at leasat I can say I was not part of it. The health reform will be defeated but the same people that are so scared of it will be the same ones screaming for the govt. to do something when they can't get health coverage due to job loss or pre-condition or the premiums go up so high that have to give it up,like my 76 year old friend. But victory is sweet,so enjoy it. and again,you scared the H--- out of a lot of people...nice job.

Norma said...

At 76 your friend can either have Medicare (going broke) or Medicaid (already broke), both gov't planned and red taped health care. And just how can you tell the agitators from security from the plants from the Democrats? I doubt that I could unless the town hall happened in your home town.

And I'm glad you didn't shout anyone down. Good girl.