Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Walking the lakefront, week 8

The summer population is thinning--the average age it going up, perhaps. But then maybe there are more people with pre-schoolers, now that so many school age children have gone home. I've been watching some cross-country teams running the streets at dawn. Yesterday I passed a 70-something man on my walk along the lakefront. Later on my return I saw him settled into a park bench on the hotel lawn. Just then, a girls' cross country coach decided to bring her team to the lawn for sprints and squats, or whatever it's called. Here were these willowy and gorgeous young women prancing within 2 ft. of the older gentleman. I thought he'd move. He didn't. But he was smiling big.

Although they say obesity in children is on the increase, I know there were no girl athletes this thin when I was in high school 50 years ago. They certainly didn't look anorexic, however, there was no fat anywhere on these young ladies. I think there is tremendous pressure on female athletes to remain thin. The swimmers, basketball and softball players seem to be stocky and muscled, but the track, cross country, and gymnists will probably pack a few pounds when they get to college. I wasn't even an athlete and I managed to add 20 lbs my freshman year.

Today I walked behind the men's team (don't know if they are the same school, but probably are). One has been lagging behind each time I've seen them. He's certainly not over weight, but is the only one with a jiggle of fat above his waistline. Perhaps he's just joined the team, or had a growth spurt that has spread his weight around his frame. When my husband lettered in cross country in high school (enrollment 4,000+) he weighed about 125 lbs. at 5'9". Even into the 1970s I could buy some of his clothes in the boys department with a waist about 28". He still only weighs about 155, but I doubt he could run more than 2 blocks today. Imagine picking up a sack that weighs 30 lbs and trying to run!

This week I met the new owner of a home that my husband designed on Cherry Ave. a few years back. They only live about an hour from Lakeside, so it is easy to get here even for a short visit. They just love their cottage. I told her a little about what it looked like before an experienced architect who loves Lakeside got a hold of it, and she was amazed. She's never even seen a photo, nor had she met the previous owners. She began searching for a home when they sold almost as fast as they came on the market, but one day a realtor called and said "I think I have something." Of course, it was 2008 and the market was starting to go soft. I think it was only listed 3 days before they made their offer. The former owners live in a Chicago suburb and the trip to Lakeside was getting burdensome.

Other events this week is today's herb class on the lakefront, the topic is Lemongrass. The seminars are for "Interfaith" week, and there's nothing of interest to me on that list--although Eugene Swanger on Friday should be good. (Strong Lutheran with expertise on eastern faiths.) Yesterday I wasn't feeling well after my walk, so I didn't do the Tuesday bird watch. Debbie Boone's concert Saturday night was just fabulous. I can't remember when I've heard such a voice or seen such a professional performance. It was a tribute to her mother-in-law, Rosemary Clooney. Also did some Red Foley pieces, her grandfather. Her father, of course, is Pat Boone, but she didn't perform any of his hits.

I'm in an "intensive drawing" class this week, and am supposed to complete at least 12 drawings a day. Doubt if I'll get that much done; the instructor left early on Monday, and wasn't there on Tuesday, nor were the four other students from Monday! Here's one of my efforts--this one's for you Lynne, since you asked.

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