Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Does HR 3200 cover abortion?

Does it matter? Do you think we'd have millions more of dead fetuses if the tax payer covered it, or fewer if we didn't? Even though the life expectancy of women is reduced by abortion, even though every modern society that has gone this route now has a birth rate below replacement recovery (aided by oppressive taxes) foretelling the death of that culture or ethnic group or race, it is the law of the land, and legal. I think bringing up this issue is a red flag for the pro-lifers, to get their support to defeat his socialization of the health care system. Although the point at which people approve of aborting a live baby is a moving target (first trimester, second trimester, "viability" whatever that is, or anytime, and I've even seen one of the Obama supporter/advisers who says up to two years old after birth--forgotten which one). The "death panel" issue gets the attention; those people have made it through the birth canal, finished school and careers and can vote. Life for the weak, disabled, ill or expensive means little in the range of moral values of the liberal, even though it is their demands that a child who cannot think, speak or lift his head be brought to public school with a tax paid attendant. Why did so many voters not see this coming? Lack of reverence for life is no respecter of size or age or IQ. Obama's take over of this huge segment of the economy should not be defeated because of its various pieces/parts, but because it's a disaster and completely unnecessary. That's why he wanted it rushed through before anyone could read it or discuss it. From the increase of government bureaucracy, to the national computerization of our health records costing billions and promoting snooping, to the rationing of care, to the destruction of private insurance, to the punishment of doctors, there's just nothing worth saving. In the building industry we have mold, radon, gassing out, corrupt builders, crazy home-buyers, mortgage fraud, etc., but what President has told us our homes are so expensive and dangerous that he needs to control every aspect from the White House? Oh wait. . . Maybe that's not the best example.

Barack Obama has always supported all the euphemisms for abortion--"reproductive health," "reproductive freedom," "medical services for women," and all the goals of Planned Parenthood, whose support he sought during the campaign. If anything, it's the one issue about which he's been absolutely clear and honest--the unborn American has no inherent right to live. If abortion is not in HR 3200, just wait for 2.0. or the upgrade.


noelle said...

So you would rather all the unborn be taken care of than the already born? no one wants to have an abortion lady, it is not like people are trying to kill off babies, there are medical reasons for these procedures. you sound crazy, you would rather make it so no one can get healthcare just so that they can't have an abortion? You know what, you are just a procrastinator, because you have no problem sending that live being to war to protect your "right" to oil. Look at the facts, and not just one single issue.

Norma said...

Noelle you poor thing. Go back and reread what I said. Heloooo. Are you there? It will make no difference if abortion is in the bill--millions are dead and will die, and they certainly aren't all for medical reasons. Abortion is legal, with or without this very bad bill.

commoncents said...

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Anonymous said...

Noelle, SERIOSULY!!!!!
no one wants to have an abortion? WHAT?! What century do you live in? people are having abortions every second of every day, "by choice" you know like elective surgery. Why should I pay for your elective surgerory??? Norma, never said, any of what you are suggestioning, and quite frankly , you sound crazy for flying off the handle. Looking at the facts, Obama has given 6 billion dollars of our money to pay for abortions around the world. Under the Capp amendment, HR3200 will pay for abortions here.
And as far as oil goes, lets see, bash bush for creating jobs, by allowing drilling in OUR own country, Obama will not fund that, but he sent 2 million dollars to Brazil or there abouts for offshore drilling, great for OUR economy?! Bash Bush for sending troops to Iraq, well lady the war in Iraq is over, and Obama is still deploying how many live human beings to Afganistan? No one talks about that now do they? Turn off the tv, and educate yourself.
Thanks for the entertainment

Dianne Thompson said...

I am against abortion, however let us not forget that abortion has been legal for many years and taxpayer's dollars have paid for many of those abortions. The health care bill is designed to make health care available to the 44 million in this country who are uninsured. It is not a cleverly cloaked means of providing abortion. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in support of abortion making it a legal health care practice. Our efforts should be focused on overturning Roe v. Wade,because if abortion were not legal, there would be no concern about taxpayer funded abortions. The way I see it is, either a whole lot of people wanted legalized abortion and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion because of what the majority of the people wanted, or the Supreme Court took a legislative role and made a law that the majority of the people did not want. Nevertheless, these justices are appointed by the Presidents that the people vote into office. In other words, change the law first.

Norma said...

In his last major speech, the President said 30 million citizens uninsured. But that's just quibbling. Why change it for everyone if such a small number need it, and the huge problems like tort reform and fraud and waste in the gov't plans we currently have are not addressed.

Diane, we will not return to abortion being illegal, and I think that is naive. Nor do we need to encourage it like it's an inconvenient hangnail.

Gabrielle said...

While I think you had a few valid points in your actual post.. the comment "In his last major speech, the President said 30 million citizens uninsured. But that's just quibbling. Why change it for everyone if such a small number need it" was probably one of the more ridiculous statements I've heard this year. 30 MILLION people are uninsured. Unless you can help THAT many people, You shouldn't talk. Sure, there are 300+ million people in the US, but Norma, 30 million is in no way, shape or form, a small number. Every single one of those people need help.

The fight for health care isn't simply a "quibble".

Norma said...

Gabrielle, you need to think that through. Many, maybe half of that, are eligible for Medicaid, and haven't applied, because they don't have to--it doesn't have preexisting conditions limits, so when they need it, they sign up. Others find it cheaper to pay as they go rather than buy insurance. Lack of insurance doesn't mean lack of care, and having insurance doesn't mean good health. The remainder are either between jobs and without insurance for a few weeks or months, because that number is a "snapshot," on any given day.

Norma said...

Dianne, it's not 44 million, unless you count illegals. It's about 30 million citizens, and see my note to Gabrielle. With your system, why not count all the Chinese in China. They don't have health insurance either. And Roe v Wade is not going to be over turned.

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