Sunday, August 23, 2009

One of those happy accidents

In my last post I mentioned that I'd planned to go to the 10:30 service at Hoover this morning to check out the pastor of the week, but he doesn't start until tomorrow! So on the program instead of a sermon was a Cantata based on the Beatitudes, "The Solemn Blessings" composed by Michael J. Shirtz. There was a large festival choir, guest soloists--soprano and tenor, guest flute and violin, 8 brass instruments, and the Mike Shirtz Quartet. Wow. It was fabulous. The best music program I heard this summer (I'm also more alert in the morning and usually doze once or twice in the evening), and we've had some wonderful performances. This chorale had everything from classical to romantic to jazz, blues and rock. Mr. Shirtz played the piano. And it also had a strong message. This is a young man to watch. I can't tell ages anymore, but from where I was sitting he looked under 30. There's not much about Mr. Shirtz in our newspaper, but on the internet I find he is the Director of Choral Activities & Department Coordinator at Terra Community College in Fremont, Ohio. I looked through Terra's listings and it seems to have an extensive music program with many opportunities for performing artists. Many of their performance groups are open to the community. The tenor soloist, C. Andrew Blosser was outstanding--according to the internet he is a doctoral candidate in voice at OSU and director of the Men's Chorus at Capital.

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