Saturday, August 08, 2009

Twitter and Facebook

I don’t do either one, so I didn’t know they’d been hacked in a battle between Russia and Georgia. Story here at Technology News.
    “It appears that the outage suffered by Twitter and technical problems affecting other social networks were the result of a denial of service attack targeting a single blogger, an activist who intended to commemorate the anniversary of last year's battle between Russia and Georgia. The sites have mostly recovered, but the attack underscores the ability of hackers to clog communication channels, given the proper resources.”
Makes you wonder what pro-Obama hackers can do to those sites that disagree with the health plan. And of course, a hacker isn’t needed to silence talk radio, only the “fairness doctrine.” After all, we shouldn’t have anyone out there sharing the broadcast opportunities with the government approved media that have shivers up the leg when experiencing the true believer spirit.

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