Saturday, August 22, 2009

Many of us were not fooled

And many who were, are recovering their sanity and common sense.
    "What if the first African-American president isn’t? Doesn’t that change everything? And dash some mighty big hopes? It’s not a question of skin color or mixed blood, it’s about where he places his heart and soul. And how he scooped up oceans of American benevolence toward black people and double-crossed it into a tidal wave that swept him into the White House where he has been living on so many false premises that even the mainstream media are starting to get shaky.

    He fooled white people who don’t know enough about blacks to spot an imitation. He fooled black people who wanted so much to believe that they’d finally got their place in the sun that they squinted their eyes up and fell into the trap. He fooled conservative media that still today haven’t asked themselves what was wrong with the daily, weekly, monthly anti-Obama articles they hemstitched, carefully skirting the real issues. Many of his opponents are still pussyfooting. He fooled the Jews big time, but he didn’t pretend to be Jewish. Just put some of our boys in high places, did a cut rate seder, wore a kippa to Yad Vashem and reaped the benefits as sure as a token opens a turnstile." Read the entire article.
And it's not just conservatives who are catching on. The left is waking up to his scam, too. A Scandanavian blogger, Tundra Tabloids writes: So now even the Left is waking up to the reality that Obama will lie at will to suit his purposes, this time around it's doing what he said he would never do, that is, strike a deal with big drug companies for a deal that offers Obama's plan a short term gain, but to the drug companies, an even greater gain in the long run. Listen to the short broadcast.

If this is how he wheels and deals (back room deals and lying with a smile to his base supporters) in getting his health care scheme rolling, think of how he's acting in connection with the "peace process" between Israel and the Arabs. Obama shouldn't be trusted as far as one can spit.

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