Saturday, August 15, 2009

Liberals boycott Whole Foods: ABC

"The myth about liberals being tolerant and open-minded, respecting everyone's views was busted once again recently. Last week John Mackey, CEO of heaven on earth for organic , natural fiber wearing, earth worshippers, Whole Foods, wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal advocating "The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare" which consisted of "Eight things we can do to improve health care without adding to the deficit." Needless to say, not one of the eight things demanded the government supply it or taxing the evil rich to pay for it.

Spitting up their expensive artisanal, pesticide free bean sprouts and ruining the planet by traveling further, some tolerant (not!), open-minded (definitely not!) liberals have reacted to such apostasy by boycotting the stores according to Emily Friedman of ABC News." Story here.

You know, that's not a myth; it's a fairy tale. There's a difference. A myth has supernatural beings and heroes in the background somewhere. A moral grounding. A fairy tale is about tiny, immature, troll-like beings who can be very spooky when they break up town hall meetings, leave comments at blogs, or pretend to be Republicans.

Mackey does an excellent job of outlining changes that reduce or destroy the need for Obamacare--increase competition, reduce government mandates, reform Medicare, change the tax laws, etc. That's enough to get his company boycotted. I'm not sure if he's being branded a racist. . . yet. But that will come, I'm sure.

Then he wanders off the reservation claiming eating better (his product) is our health induced salvation, can reverse disease. I'd have to disagree, at least if you're talking health care dollars. As individuals, we can certainly improve the years we're given with good nutrition, no tobacco, and exercise, but we will still grow old, we will have auto and home accidents, there will be wars and pestilence, antibiotics will fail, and we will still have to daily live with our genes (my grandfathers lived into their 90s, but not my grandmothers who fed them). And if you live a more active and healthier life in your 70s and 80s, you just might have a very expensive, extended old age. You can stop smoking today and in 20 years still find yourself with cancer or COPD.


Lisa Stone said...

Maybe WF will lower their prices because of this.

Norma said...

Some people love WF--I don't shop there, but I like Trader Joe's, but even then am always surprised by the huge amoung of processed, packaged and frozen foods. I love our Bassetts here near Port Clinton. Wonderful service, high quality fresh produce and meats.

Anonymous said...

the biggest problem with Americans is their ability to acquire and apply knowledge:intelligence. Your health care is rated around 35th in the world...You are fighting(republicans) for one of the worst systems that delivers some of the worst health care in a post WW2 industrialized country. You believe what you are told because you are not smart and fearful. Look beyond what you are told and search out a more expanded source for your knowledge.

Norma said...

Yada yada. And what global think tank supplies your information. Always on the attack. Troll.