Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good health is worth the price, guest blog

By Joan Burris, owner Idlewyld B&B, Lakeside, Ohio

When Norma Bruce asked if I would like to write a guest blog about my holistic journey leading me to better health, I agreed. I've been munching and crunching ideas, not potato chips, to best explain the changes in my lifestyle to overcome a number of health issues.

I begin with the story of how we met--the fortuitous events that led to our connection. After years of believing that only my older sister had artistic talent in our family and that I was doomed to visit galleries and lament that I'd like to paint like those people, I decided to take a watercolor class at the Rhein Center in Lakeside. It was a safe place where I could fail without humiliation, or at least paint something I would like. Two years later, I can honestly say there might be a modicum of latent talent--or what one instructor kindly called enthusiasm.

So, carrying this enthusiasm further, two years later I enrolled in the Watercolor and Perspective Drawing Class taught by Norma's husband. Although now comfortable with the medium, I knew I avoided the drawing part. Again, I surprised myself. I actually was able to draw something that I liked. Having a good and patient instructor added to my own enthusiasm helped.

In another class at the Rhein, I met Norma, this time in Bob Moyer's class (my instructor during the winter months). It didn't take long for us to make the connections--her husband, my teacher, and our enjoyment of watercolor. We discovered we both like to write, and I checked her blog. I take writing classes at Rocky River Senior Center with Sally Leamon, another Lakesider. As Norma and I began to chat--perhaps it was herb class with Jan Hilty--our conversation turned to how food impacts our lives--and mine in particular. I think of the old overused adage: "We are what we eat." It is timely.

End pt. 1--look for Joan's story of how she changed her health problems and complaints by changing her diet.

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