Friday, August 14, 2009

A child upstages the President

Damon is a cute little guy interviewing President Obama, his dream, on all the major networks this morning, but I changed channels after about 20 seconds. Same old, same old. The President blaming someone else, never his own generation or group, instead of inspiring a child to greatness. Here we are in 2009 with two minorities (and four Catholics?) on the highest court in the land, a biracial, out of wedlock son of a Kenyan in the White House, and all the President can do is dump on the American culture when a child asks him about poverty in his school district. Can you imagine Justice Clarence Thomas responding as Obama did? But it was Thomas who really experienced poverty. Obama was the proverbial silver-spoon-rich kid whose own children have always attended private schools. Compared to Thomas who was raised on a share cropper’s farm by his grandparents, he knows nothing about which he speaks from personal experience. Justice Sotomayor may call herself a wise Latina, but even she’s a born in the city, raised in the projects by an educated mother, child who despite what she sees as racism and discrimination, has managed also to make her way to the top. Democrats never see this as a success story--they seem to be embarrassed that America is the land of opportunity and are currently engaged in a war to bring everyone down to the projects-level standard of living.

Obama could have begun his halting and stammering (where is the teleprompter?) with pointing out to this smart, gutsy child, that he was well on his way like Thomas and Sotomayor, but instead, chose his words to remind everyone, not that we’ve come a long way, but that we have even further to go.

Thanks for nothing, O Great One.

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