Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Letter to Senator Burris

Murray got a very nice response from his Senator, Roland W. Burris, at least it sounded better than any I’ve received from Mary Jo Kilroy, my Representative, even though Burris supports Obamacare 100%. You'll remember he's the one who replaced Obama in the Senate. He got nothing from Durbin. Murray responded:
    Thank you for your response on the Obama Healthcare Plan. There is no doubt that our healthcare in this country needs some reform but certainly not a complete overhaul. Besides, our Federal government has proven over and over that it cannot manage ANY program efficiently. How can you and your cohorts possible think that the faithful taxpayer in this country can accept a Healthcare Plan that forces them to join but exempts their legislators and the Unions? That in itself tells them that it stinks. Will you have to get the lipstick out again? That provision is only the tip of the iceberg. How about allowing illegals to participate and why are they even a consideration? What part of "illegal" don't you people understand ?

    If you would simply put caps on mal-practice suits, stop give free medical attention to illegals plus allow Medicare to negotiate the price of drugs like the Canadians and the Veteran's Administration, it would go a long way towards reducing the cost of healthcare in this country. THIS WOULD COST THE TAXPAYER NOTHING TO IMPLEMENT! But you people WANT TO SPEND MORE TAXPAYER DOLLARS, GAIN COMPLETE CONTROL and PUT THIS COUNTRY FURTHER INTO DEBT! Your constituents don't want this....are you listening?

    Mr. Burris, you could enhance you chances of remaining in office if you would vote against HR3200 or any other version of this Bill. You would gain the allegiance of the Illinois taxpayers who do not support healthcare reform. You know the bill is wrong for your constituents so it's time to do the right thing for a change!


Norma said...

Stephen wrote: Just wanted to say I appreciate the clear information on HR3200.

I can’t seem to find a copy of the full bill. Do you know where I can get it?

Sure: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c111:H.R.3200:

Anonymous said...

Burris seems sharper than Dingell and his comparison of Townhallers to the KKK. I'm sure that didn't impress anyone.

Norma said...

I don't know Dingell's age, but on the Obama time line, he's probably ready for a "visit."

Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
I still haven't been acknowledged by Senator Durbin. He's has refused to hold a town hall meeting stating " I won't be doing sucker punch town hall meetings". "They can do all the political theater they want, but I don't have to support them on stage".
Instead he's going to hold smaller meetings to allow for in-depth conversations with people of his choosing.

Norma said...

He has the President's example. Obama supporters were bussed in; the objectors closed out.

Anonymous said...

Obama told the townhall: "The rumor that's been circulating a lot lately is this idea that somehow the House of Representatives voted for ‘death panels' that will basically pull the plug on grandma because we've decided that we don't--it's too expensive to let her live anymore. (Laughter.)"

Laughter? Way to knock 'em dead, Mr. President!

from Taranto